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Park Your Age with Dr Park

Aesthetic, Skin and Laser Centre

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Meet Dr Park

Fun, cheerful and spunky are some words that can be used to describe this down to earth man. He understands how aesthetic beauty can help people gain confidence, strength and contentment. With years in the beauty industry, Dr. Park has the experience and passion to help you reach your beauty goals!

Our Specializations

There are many different types of treatments. and consultation is always best to determine the best method of treatment for your area of concern.

Intense Skin Hydration

Skin Repair & Rejuvenation

Filler works

Wrinkle Treatments


Skin Brightening & Lifting

What Patients Say

“Dr. Park is extremely professional and ensures I always understand fully the procedures and what entails. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for aesthetic improvement.”

Chu Y. Y

Your Beauty Restoration Begins

with Dr Park

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